DIY Dumbbells: The Ultimate Home Gym Equipment

Are you looking for a way to get in shape without having to go to the gym? If so, you may want to consider investing in some DIY dumbbells. Dumbbells are a great way to get in shape because they allow you to work out your entire body. Plus, they are relatively affordable and easy to use. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of using dumbbells and we will provide you with a few tips on how to make them.

DIY Dumbbells: The Ultimate Home Gym Equipment

What materials do you need?

Things you will need to make your DIY dumbbells are readily available and accessible at home. No need to wander around to buy anything since we have got several methods up our sleeve. So you can use any method for which you have all stuff available.

Here is a list of all relevant stuff you may need to stock up if want to make your own free weights dumbbells at home.

Plastic container

Water bottle

Milk jug



Canned goods



Bicycle tire tubes

A pair of socks

If you have all or some of these things at home, you are good to go for preparing a DIY dumbbell at the cheapest price.

How do you make them?

Using the stuff we have enlisted above, you can make dumbbells following different methods. We will show you some quick and easy DIY methods here.

Water Bottle Dumbbells

Water Bottle Dumbbells

Making homemade dumbbells with water bottles is quite easy and effortless.


Take eight water bottles (each of the same size and shape), a rod, and heavy-duty tape.

Fill the bottles with water, sand, or pebbles whatever seems convenient for you. Make sure to fill each bottle up to the same level either full or not.

Now, using the tape, wrap four bottles together to make two sets.

Insert the rod or pipe in the gap between the bottles such that the mouth of the bottles faces outwards.

Repeat the process with another set of bottles and fix bottles on both ends with the help of tape.


You can take small or large bottles or fill them up to different levels depending on how much you want your dumbbell to weigh. You can also make a homemade barbell the same way by replacing the short pipe with a longer one.

Water or Milk Jug Weights

Water or Milk Jug Weights

This is the simplest method to have DIY free weights made at home. We are sure you’ll have the supplies available. Using them you can do multiple exercises such as triceps, biceps curls, shoulder raises, bent-over rows, and deadlifts.


Get clean water or milk jug having a handle to lift.

Use sand, water, concrete, or rocks whatever you like to work your muscles to fill inside the jug.

Make sure the lid is secured and you’re ready to lift the DIY dumbbells.

Canned Goods Weight

Canned Goods Weight

Canned goods are quite convenient to hold in your hands and do a number of exercises. If you are a beginner, you can use small food cans to start with. However, if your interest is building muscles, paint cans can do the job better. They are significantly heavier than plastic cans and their handles will help you lift the cans like dumbbells.

Socks for Wrist or Ankle Weights

Socks for Wrist or Ankle Weights

If you want to add resistance to your routine workout, wrist, and ankle weights are a great option. You can also make them done at home with basic supplies. Grab the essentials which include a pair of socks, beans or sand, and a shoelace.


Fill the pair of socks either with sand, beans, or rice based on how heavy you want your weights to be.

Weight them on a scale to ensure both have equally filled.

Adjust it to create an excess of fabric on either side and tie them together using a shoelace.

Wrap the sock around your wrist or ankle and tie it around with the shoelace.

Backpack Weights

Backpack Weights

Does using a backpack to build muscles sound strange? To your surprise, a backpack can quickly turn into a homemade weight to help you work all your groups of muscles.


Get your backpack which is not in use at the moment.

Use books, magazines, or other heavier objects to stuff your backpack.

Lift it to do a variety of exercises.


A backpack will act as an adjustable weight. You can add or remove objects inside to shift it to lighter or heavier side as you need.

Basketball As Medicine Ball

Basketball As Medicine Ball

There must be an old basketball of your kid or sibling lying in the storeroom or garage. Grab it and turn it into a medicine ball to work your muscles at home.


Drill a hole into the surface of the basketball. It should be large enough to place the funnel end inside.

Place the funnel in that hole to transfer sand or pebbles inside the ball.

After filling the ball use duct tape to secure that hole.

Your basketball is all set to use as a medicine ball.

Weighted Vest

Weighted Vest

Wearing a weighted vest, you can go around walking on the terrace or doing push-ups or pull-ups whatever you like.


Find a vest that has multiple small pockets on either side.

Get small plastic bags filled with sand or pebbles.

Place them in all the pockets on your vest.

Bicycle Tubes As Hand Weights

Bicycle Tubes As Hand Weights

If you have an old bicycle currently not in use, don’t throw it away. You can make use of its tire tube as a DIY hand weight.


Cut the inner bicycle tube into two halves.

First, secure one of the ends with tape and then fill sand inside.

Now, close the other end too with duct tape.

Bend the tube making a circle and then tie both ends together with the tape.

What are the benefits of using in-home dumbbells?

Are you still not sure whether to make your DIY dumbbells or invest in a readymade one or complex equipment?

Well, we are giving you a myriad of reasons to know how fruitful your decision of choosing a DIY dumbbell can be.

Cheapest Way To Workout At Home

You don’t have to worry about spending a fortune to buy pricey gym equipment to work out at home. All the required supplies are either available at home or can be purchased over a few bucks.


Gym equipment isn’t only expensive but may require you to do extensive care to make them last longer. And if a part is lost or damaged, it may not be easily available which will make your purchase go in vain. While homemade dumbbells or barbells don’t need much maintenance or repair. There is no need to spend or worried about their spare parts. If they are damaged or distorted, you can easily replace them.

Variety Of Workouts

Dumbbells can help you do a full-body workout. Isn’t it incredible?

You can do bicep curls, triceps, burpees, and even squats and lunges with this single gym gear. Whether your goal is to increase the chest mass, build muscles, or improve agility and endurance, dumbbells can help you achieve it. By engaging various muscles of your body, dumbbells allow you have a full-body workout at home.

Flexibility and Comfort

Are you too shy to work out in a public gym? If yes, having dumbbells at home can save you from leaving your comfort zone and going out to a local gym. Also, you may have tight deadlines to meet at work which can make it difficult for you to visit the gym in time. All these deterrents or obstacles won’t be a problem when you have weights at your home.

Easy To Store

Dumbbells comparatively occupy very little space and hence, can be easily kept at home rather than gym equipment such as a treadmill or stationary bike. If you don’t have adequate space to place a big cardio machine or something else, DIY dumbbells will be an ideal solution.

What are the benefits of using in-home dumbbells?


How many dumbbells does a person need?

Dumbbells can be purchased in all different weights. These weights range from 5 pounds to 100 pounds. If you are just starting out with dumbbells, it is recommended that you start with 5 pounds and work your way up to 100 pounds.

What is the best type of dumbbells to buy?

When buying dumbbells, it is recommended that you buy a pair of dumbbells that are adjustable. You can adjust the weight to whatever you want to make your workout more personal.

How long will my dumbbells last?

Dumbbells usually last for a very long time. It is recommended that you wash your dumbbells with hot water and soap. These will help keep the weight free of dirt and grime while also making it more comfortable to use.


The unlimited benefits of using DIY dumbbells might have convinced you to try some of our quick and easy methods to create your in-home dumbbells. You can also watch DIY videos on YouTube to have more ideas.

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